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Creating Portraits in Watercolour

I recently participated in a one-day "Portraits in Watercolour" workshop at the fantastic Rheged Centre. This singular venue offers a conducive environment for artistic and business endeavours, nestled amidst the breath-taking Cumbrian landscape.

The workshop was led by the highly skilled artist Catherine MacDiarmid, who offered exceptional teaching and support throughout the duration of the session.

The subsequent images depict the step-by-step layers employed in composing a portrait of a young boy.

This piece is still a work in progress.

The images displayed below are portraits created in watercolour and are currently available for purchase. For more information, please do not hesitate to reach out by clicking on the Contact Me link.

In the earlier part of the year, I produced a charcoal portrait titled "Anguish" with the intention of highlighting the profound emotional turmoil that can result from mental health disorders. I have submitted this artwork for consideration in this year's Women's Emerging Artist art competition.

Here is hoping that the following quote does not become my reality.

"Every time I paint a portrait, I lose a friend" - John Singer Sargent.

Until next time,


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