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How To Create A Mono Print

This past week, I dedicated a day to collaborating with another artist to produce mono prints. The process can be somewhat messy and chaotic, but offers endless possibilities and is highly creative and experimental.

A recent form of mono printing is called "gelli printing" which utilizes a flexible gelatine printing plate to produce various textures and layers of colours. I have found that using a variety of plants, leaves, and grasses commonly found in hedgerows or the garden during this time of year produces beautiful and striking prints.

Once dried, the finished prints offer the opportunity to create distinctive greeting cards or can be assembled into a concertina-style sketchbook. Below, you'll find an image of greeting cards and a short video showcasing the the concertina-style sketchbook.

If you're interested in purchasing my greeting cards, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me directly - Contact Me

Materials Required For A Gelli Print

To create a gelli print, you'll need the following materials, all of which can be purchased online or directly from an art shop: -

  • A gelatine plate

  • Acrylic paint - A brayer (rubber roller)

  • Stencils or materials for imprinting into the ink

  • Paper or card

Step By Step

Step 1. Squeeze a medium sized blob of acrylic paint onto the gelli plate. You can use one or as many colours as you like.

Step 1 creating a gelli print

Step 2. Use the roller to spread the paint across the plate.

Step 3. Place stencils or items directly onto the plate.

Step 4. Place a piece of paper or card over the plate and run the flat of your hand over the paper.

Step 5. Remove the paper to see the first print "pull".

Step 6. Remove the stencils or or items and repeat step 4. The second print "pull" is often referred to as a "ghost" print and is often more interesting and captivating than the first pull.

If you have never tried this printing technique, I would thoroughly encourage you to give it a go as it is a lot of fun and very rewarding.

Let your creativity flow!

Until next time.


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