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  • Annalisa Wallace

Plein Air Sketching on Derwentwater

Enjoying a fantastic day at Derwentwater capturing the breathtaking scenery through sketches.

Derwentwater is the third largest of the Cumbrian Lakes and is three mile long and one a half miles wide; it is unusual as it has four islands; Derwent, Lords, Rampsholme and St.Helbert's dotted along it's length.

While the Launches move at a leisurely speed, capturing the fleeting scenery demands the skill to swiftly outline the primary shapes. Therefore, I chose to utilize willow charcoal for sketching, as it enables diverse mark-making and contributes to the creation of a picturesque landscape.

Taking a leisurely stroll along the shoreline presented additional opportunities for sketching, including the renowned perspective from Friar's Craig.

Get ready for a sunny week ahead! Make sure to soak up those rays and let your creativity shine!

Until next time.


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